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If I’ve invited…

If I’ve invited you over for dinner, all I want is you and your sparkling company, not more junk [sic] stuff.


This quote from the Narcissista.me blog is a perfect example of why I love it.  This piece titled: The Art of Giving the Perfect Hostess Gift is two things,  totally right and completely helpful.  I love it anytime someone can offer really great advice in a humorous and self-effacing way. BTW – I’m totally down for The Corkcicle, if anyone is wondering.  

Read this piece and you’ll have some great ideas for hostess gifts, no matter the season.

Ciao for now!



About Robyn Vie Carpenter

Married, lesbian, smart, funny, huggable and juicy. I live my mission daily: be out, spread love, teach joy.

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