Socially Active through Social Activity, I have a great job, a great wusband, a great life…these are my stories

…the lesson l…

…the lesson learned is how important it is when it comes to our dreams, to follow our instinct, even when the stakes are high. I am a firm believer that our internal compass always points North. When we listen to that inner voice, despite the odds, despite the risks, despite the costs, and act when our intuition tells us our direction is right, we can’t go wrong…Believe me, I was scared. But like they say, when your left foot undeniably follows your right foot, it’s only the first step that’s the hardest. ~ Mariah Hanson

This afternoon I’ll be sitting down to interview Mariah Hanson, founder of Club Skirts presents The Dinah.  I met her this spring while popping my Dinah Cherry.  And in recognition of her incredible 22 years contribution to life in Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce will be awarding her the 2013 Athena Award.  The Athena Award is a nationally recognized award supporting, developing and honoring women leaders.  Looking forward to our chat.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


About Robyn Vie Carpenter

Married, lesbian, smart, funny, huggable and juicy. I live my mission daily: be out, spread love, teach joy.

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