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VIP and Butches Too!

Saint Harridan

Two of my favorite words are gala and VIP.  Ok I know VIP is an acronym.  However, I still love to see it.  In fact, I think everyone loves VIP. I read an article years ago about a writer that put up a velvet rope in a dive bar in one corner; stationed a guy with a clipboard next to it and waited.  People kept trying to figure out a way to get behind the velvet rope.

So, when you receive an invite to an event with the words VIP and Gala in them, you pay attention.

My recent invite came from Mary Going, Founder of Saint Harridan, a women’s ready-to-wear line for the “masculine of center woman or trans-man” (www.saintharridan.com).  I had the privilege of interviewing Mary as part of an upcoming piece I’m writing for Out Front Colorado.  It is part of the ongoing series “This is What Queer Marriage Looks Like”.  October will be about the fashion of queer marriage.

Saint Harridan is the brainchild of Going who decided that enough was enough and that those with a more masculine center and way of presenting themselves ought to have a way to do it.

Saint Harridan will present it’s first retail opportunity to purchase these suits at a pop up shop being presented in conjunction with the 2013 BUTCH Voices Conference in Oakland, CA this weekend. Saturday and Sunday from 10 – 6pm you can find the Saint Harridan pop up at Show and Tell Concept Shop, City Center Complex, 1300 Clay Street, #160, Oakland.

The mission of BUTCH Voices is to enhance and sustain the well-being of all women, female-bodied, and trans-identified individuals who are Masculine of Center.*

Joe LeBlanc, founder and board chair of Butch Voices, is proud to partner with Saint Harridan during this coming weekend’s conference.

It’s the first time the six-year-old organization is collaborating with a designer to help butch, masculine-of-center and trans masculine folks “advocate for themselves in fashion and in their whole selves,” he said.

My girl Christine De La Rosa, producer of five Ten Events,  is producing the gala.  After such an amazing four days of events at Pride this year, I can’t wait to see what this party has in store.  “It is a historic occasion both nationally and in Oakland for the LGBTQ community,” said De La Rosa. “Gala goers can expect fabulous Butch fashion, the incredible talent of D’Lo and great music by the Bay Area’s best DJs, DJ Lady Ryan and Val G.”

Going is also looking forward to Saturday’s Gala. “It’s all about coming out and looking your boldest in clothes that feel right to you,” said Going. “It’s a chance to dress up and see other people be dressed up.”

As I said, I’m excited because my wusband and I will be Going’s guests at the VIP reception prior to the gala.  Plus, as much as I love to dress up, I love seeing my wusband dress up that much more.  She’s SO handsome!  Teehee!

This is not an invite only event.  You can come too.  Get your tickets at: SaintHarridanOak.EventBrite.com.

Then get your outfit ready.  We’ll be looking good tomorrow night!

*Masculine of center (MoC) is a term, coined by B. Cole of the Brown Boi Project, that recognizes the breadth and depth of identity for lesbian/queer/ womyn who tilt toward the masculine side of the gender scale and includes a wide range of identities such as butch, stud, aggressive/AG, dom, macha, tomboi, trans-masculine etc.


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