Socially Active through Social Activity, I have a great job, a great wusband, a great life…these are my stories

How does one become a lesbian socia

Last year I realized that one of the missions in my life was to meet a lot of people, learn about the cool things in their lives and then tell others about it.  If you own a restaurant, I want to come eat there and bring as many people as I can.  If you sell a product, let me try it, I bet we can get everyone to use it too.  If you have a cause, let’s celebrate it.  Let’s have a party, hold a fundraiser, create a happening so others can know about the important things in life.

In my mind, a socialite is a very public consumer/cheerleader, with a killer wardrobe.  Because of the life I have lead up to this point, I know all kinds of great people doing amazing things.  When I met my wusband over 2 years ago, I told her I live my life out loud, with words and pictures.  If you’re ready to have a lot of fun, meet a lot of people, get your picture taken a lot and live a life filled with joy, then I’m your girl.  We eloped in January.  I guess I didn’t scare her off.

So, now I am dedicated to having as many adventures as possible.

I’m excited to see where life will take me next


About Robyn Vie Carpenter

Married, lesbian, smart, funny, huggable and juicy. I live my mission daily: be out, spread love, teach joy.

4 comments on “How does one become a lesbian socia

  1. margueritequantaine
    May 1, 2013

    THAT’S the spirit! I am cheering you on. Heartfelt congrats on your marriage.

  2. str8calistyle
    May 2, 2013

    I love this!!! Im soooo excited for more posts!!

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