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#TeamSocialite Dinah Contest 2017!

As promised, here is the information on Team Socialite’s Dinah Contest for 2017! If you thought last year was an amazing bunch of goodies… well we’re here to tell you … Continue reading

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Every Gal Needs a Pal

What do you get when you cross Tinder with GBF: the movie? No this is not a joke, it’s an app. A couple of weeks back, I received an invitation … Continue reading

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What’s in a name & the birth of the word “Wusband”.

After June 26, 2015, Gay Marriage became legal world wide. Thus started the “Great Name Debate”. Now that we could all marry – whose name do we chose? Should we … Continue reading

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FANtastic Friday & Black Truffles

Tr Hello Lovelies! It’s another FAN-tastic Friday and today we’re talking about black truffles. No this isn’t about some new restaurant or recipe. This is about your skin. You may … Continue reading

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Poolside Glamour Dinah Style

  The thing that I find the biggest challenge is wearing make up in the heat. I never want to look like I tried too hard, you know. This is … Continue reading

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Dinah Episode 2 “What’s the Dinah?”

  Hello Lovelies! It’s time for another Magnificent Monday! Today I answer the question: What’s The Dinah? A few weeks back I was at a training to become a Laughter … Continue reading

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We’re looking for you to join Team Socialite at The Dinah! You heard me right. You need to have two things to win this contest: First a hankering to attend … Continue reading

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